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Speaking from personal experience, any man who wants breast implants should be able to get

Karen Kay started this conversation
Speaking from personal experience, any man who wants breast implants should be able to get them unhindered by today's society. For my birthday, I went from a natural B+ size breasts which sagged like any woman's breast would and had double E implants. Everything went without a hitch and I've been enjoying my "new me" these past 6 months. My wife had her implants the following month. We get some snide remarks which can be expected, but mostly men and women want to know how I really feel having such huge breasts. All I can tell them is that I wish they would have been natural, but one can't tell they're not, unless they look between my legs. With my new rack, I feel all woman. We're talking about me going all the way -- can't wait.
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Good luck with your decision.
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Rochelle63   in reply to Vannessa
I started out using slips and whatever, went to balloons. I had a few issues with those. 1) They leaked, 2) Sweat factor.
So I saved back for breasts forms. Now I have to wear mine with a cover, or in a mesectimy bra's.
I wear all of my things underneath my normal day men's clothes. Some notice the breast, Then look at me like I'm weird or something. I just ignore all those types.
Now I'm thinking about getting implants done. Getting tired of the forms. Having to reposition them every time I bend over forwards. Much less the A-holes that go bumping into me just to cheap feel. To find out if they are real. Once they figure out their not. They run away.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Vannessa
Hi this isn't a dating site or a sex change site.
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Hey im happy for u. Im a 6 ft tall very feme crossdresser in every way n very girly. Dd are my perfect size for me. My ideal size. I use balloons filled with water they look n feel so real n make me n my clothes i wear look very nice. And gives me the feminine look that i want. I have a big desire for them but then my life will change alot people i know will notice them then wat. Thats my desire.
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I want DDD but if I can go E are large E would be great, how did you did you get them so big, I'm a 42c naturally and want to go bigger I would love to go with teardrop implants to get them to that natural look.
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manbreast   in reply to Karen Kay
how did you manage to get a double E in your chest i wear a 46DDD/F bra normally
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Karen Kay   in reply to manbreast
Thanks manbreast - its the best thing we ever did. They are so natural and we both love the looks we get when I wear see through blouses and no bra. Our only regret is that we both didn't get them long ago.
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littlelacie   in reply to Goode
please-this is not a chat room.thank you.
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Goode   in reply to Alan101
How big are your implants? What are expanders?
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Goode   in reply to Alan101
How did you get your wife to accept you having breaststrokeand how did you handle the work situation .
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Alan101   in reply to manbreast
Its been awhile since I have written back, just been really busy. So far things are going well. My wife is coming along with my larger breasts. I have to watch that I dont mention anything negative about having breasts or she gets on me for going so large. They are settling well, sofening up alot, I have noticed some movement in them while going down steps which I didnt have when I had my expanders. Biggest difference I see is that with my silicone implants I pretty much have to wear a bra where as with the tissue expanders, while I did I felt i didnt have to as they were for the most part hard and didnt really move much. My implants feel heavier and thus need more support. My PS is please with my recovery. I go back in November for a checkup.
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congratulations on your breast implants and having a wife that loves them on you
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Good on ya Karen, can't wait for mine in April this year
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